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    2018 Hurricane Update

    2018 Hurricanes Update


    I am sure that by now, most baseball fans, parents and/or coaches have already heard or seen the video regarding the coach for the Cincy Flames go after a parent of the opposing team with a bat during a game at Indy Sports Park this past Sunday, May 6th.  Local TV stations did a report from the park detailing the incident.  They claimed that one of the parents was from the Indiana Hurricanes, which is completely false and 100% incorrect information.  The opposing team was the Evoshield Midwest Canes, not the Indiana Hurricanes.  Local news stations have been contacted to do a full retraction disclaiming the Hurricanes involvement.  I can assure you as president of this organization, we teach our coaches, who in turn, teach their players about competitive baseball while maintaining a high level of sportsmanship and professionalism.  This is the same standards that we hold our parents to as well.  Thank You!


    Eric W. Suprano